Cine transfer prices depend on the amount of digital prepping. Thereafter, quotes do not include either film stock or negative processing, printing and grading. The following suppliers and labs we recommend: 

Film stock: 




Camera negative of 50ASA receives sufficient exposure with the CRT beam.  Transfers to print or intermediate films, however, are not recommended as the brightness is not sufficient for their lower ASA ratings.




Large Format

  Black & White Colour
  negative archive positive slide film negative
Single 4’ x 5’
8K exposure
£8.00 £8.20 £19.20 £19.50
Incl. processing £18.00 £18.20 £31.20 £31.50

35mm stills

  Black & White Colour
  negative negative Kodak E100
Film roll
36 images
8K exposure
£23.84 £24.72 £31.83
Incl. processing £28.84 £36.72 £43.83


There will be a delivery charge of £3.50 for UK postage. Please enquire for International postage rate.
Prices are inclusive of VAT.
Subsequent second, third, fourth copies will be charged at 2/3rd the price of the first duplicate.

The films in the tables above: Kodak Ektar 100 & Gold 200 for Colour negative, Fujifilm Velvia for large format slides, Ilford F4 for Black and White negative and Ortho+ for archive positive. 




Placing an order

Send uncompressed image files - .tiff, .jpeg or .psd - either, online using websites or to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or, on CD or USB sticks, post to: The Film Press, Louise House, Dartmouth Rd, London SE23 3HZ



We put large format negatives, and slides transparencies in Selco polyester Trans or Colourview sleeves. 35mm films are cut every sixth image for insertion into A4 polyester or acetate strip pocket sleeves.

Archival sleeve for 4' x 5' negative 

Storing digital images in transparencies is an effective strategy for long-term conservation, and removes reliance on IT and devices - ideal for archiving. Further protective measures made of acid-free materials for large format slides, negatives, and their contact prints are available for to order (see prices below).

We also offer a bespoke framing service with conservation materials, and can make frames with glass front and as backing for particular displays. Prices by quotation.

Flip-Top archival boxes
for 5’ x 4’ negative plates
Board folder:
270 x 355mm
Four-Flap folder
100 x 130mm
Gepe slide mount,
Anti-Newton glass
Gepe slide mount
no glass
£5.00 £2.00 £1.00 £0.70 £0.20

Download our Rate card as pdf