MGI Solitaire Cine II with Oxberry 3100 computer camera




Our mission is to bring Solitaire Image Recorders back so they are available for use today.  Solitaires were landmark devices of the mid nineties due to the accurate duplicates they produced of digital images on film.

They were used for Jurassic Park  (1993) and in the 3D version a decade later, as well as in recent IMAX productions such as Avatar (2009) and Interstellar (2014). 





 MGI Custom Premium large format  camera with  Solitaire Image Recorder 8XP


4' x 5'  large format camera, Solitaire Image Recorder 8XP





With this technology, the negatives or slides made from your images can be placed in a darkroom enlarger or slide projector to reveal the grain of the film emulsion when inspected up-close. The Solitaire 8XP has a built-in LUT for the recently released Kodak E100 slide film.

If a negative has been damaged or exposed incorrectly we have the software to bring scanned copies to their full potential, and then output them to film.

The Film Press can provide contact prints, archive sleeves and protective cases to ensure the conservation of your images.